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Saturday, 8 July 2017

VNR Alert: Star World Championship (Final race) - Excitement until the

very last moment
Star World Championship 2017 - Day 6

Today’s weather forecast with wind speed between 12 to 20 knots strengthened the sailors' expectations for the 6th and final VM race.

Before 10 o’clock, 66 boats were leaving the harbour and sailed out to the start line for the last race that could still change everything. Nothing was settled beforehand.

The race was characterised by changing ranks after each mark rounding, which created a very exciting race.

Race no. 6 result:

Rank for race 6 Crew Sail no. Nationality
1 Hubert Merkelbach / Brian Fatih 8446 Germany
2 Diego Negri / Sergio Lambertinghi 8515 Italy
3 Reinhard Schmidt / Paul Sradnick 8427 Germany
The wind conditions were perfect for the final race today, with light wind from West increasing during the day giving the whole Star Fleet a really good and fast race.

Total Rank, races 1-6 Crew Sail no. Nationality
1 Eivind Melleby / Joshua Revkin 8317 Norway
2 Lars Grael / Samuel Goncalves 8474 Brazil
3 Reinhard Schmidt / Paul Sradnick 8427 Germany
More information on

The experienced Norwegian sailor, Eivind Melleby and his crew, Joshua Revkin from USA, finished today's race ranked 8th, and the total score for the 6 races made them World Champions 2017, and the winners of the Paul Elvstrøm Trophy.

The ISCYRA President, Lars Grael from Brazil and his crew, Samuel Goncalves, came in as number 5 today which gives them second rank and the Silver Star.

Reinhard Schmidt and Paul Sradnick from Germany came in as boat number 3 and kept their rank as third in the total WM Race.

The local sailors, Flemming Sørensen and Niels Thrysøe, from Troense Bådelaug, did not finish the race today due to a broken wire, but they maintained the 15th position overall, the best rank of The Danish Fleet.

In an interview with a Danish newspaper, the President of ISCYRA, International Star Class Yacht Racing Association, Lars Grael, expresses his greatest honour for the event, saying: “The treatment and the hospitality which Troense has given the sailors is outstanding and second to none. From the very beginning we all had a common feeling of being welcome. The set-up of the event is also fantastic”!




As we have planned a lay day tomorrow due to weak wind conditions, we have now the opportunity  to show how a fleet of competing Stars looks.
We therefore kindly ask you to do a 2017 Star Inshore Show Race  (W/L) in the area in front of Troense Harbour according to the following schedule:

  •          Skippers briefing in our Race Village at 13:00
  •          We plan the first start at 13:30 
  •          Finish of race latest about 15:00
  •          After the race we have our normal after sale party at around 15:30. And we have plenty of food for tomorrow

We will do a lottery among the participating boats: The winner earns the right to buy a new set of North Sails at a 50% discount.


We will print Sailing Instructions and sea charts for handout.


We hope you will support us!

3golden stars Lars Grael


Thursday, 6 July 2017

VNR Alert: Star World Championship (Race 5) - A perfect and sunny

sailing day
Star World Championship 2017 - Day 5
Star World Championship - Day 5

Without any wind in the harbour this morning, the sailors were anxious for the race of the day.

So were the race management, and after a deep study of the weather forecast, the starting time was postponed by 1½ hour, a decision that should be rewarded.

The wind speed (and the temperature) slowly increased and stabilised around 8 to 9 knots when the race started and with only a minor change in wind direction during the race, the sailing conditions were just perfect.

After a general recall, all boats were lined up for a black flag start and the race was on.
During the final tack to the top mark, the wind direction across Lunke Bay became uneven in favour of the boats close to the coast, resulting in a tuff completion.

Race 5 result:

Rank for race 5 Crew Sail no. Nationality
1 Diego Negri / Sergio Lambertenghi 8515 Italy
2 George Szabo / Patrick Ducommen 8320 USA
3 Heiko Winkler / Uwe Thielemann 7929 Germany
Race 5 brought three new crews on the podium, but after redraw of the lowest score, the overall rank covering races 1 to 5, was identical to yesterday's rankings.
Total Rank
(races 1-5)
Crew Sail no. Nationality
1 Eivind Melleby / Joshua Revkin 8317 Norway
2 Lars Grael / Samuel Goncalves 8474 Brazil
3 Reinhardt Schmidt / Paul Sradnick 8427 Germany
Tomorrow will be a lay off day for champion race.

As recognition to the sponsors, a show race will be organized close to the harbor, giving the spectators a good Star Boat experience.

For the winner of the show race, North Sails will offer a discount of 50% for a new set of sails.

Star World Championship DK 2017
Dates:     29 June - 9 July 2017
Venue:    Troense, Denmark 





Wednesday, 5 July 2017

VNR Alert: Star World Championship (Races 3 and 4) - A busy day at sea!
Star World Championship 2017 - Day 4
Star World Championship - Day 4

Because of Monday’s cancellation and due to a tricky weather situation the next couple of days in Denmark, the race management team decided to run 2 races today, race no. 3 and race no. 4.

Stable wind direction and wind speeds between 16 to 20 knots in combination with a clear sky gave the best races so far.

Race no. 3 was launched after a restart with “Black flag”, while race no. 4 was perfect with all the boats lined up like pearls on a string.

The overall rank (covering races 1 to 4) is:

Rank  Crew  Sail no.  Nationality
 1  Eivind Melleby / Joshua Revkin 8317 Norway
 2  Lars Grael / Samuel Goncalves 8474 Brazil
 3  Reinhardt Schmidt / Paul Sradnick 8427 Germany

The ruling World Champion Augie Diaz, won race no. 3, resulting in overall rank of 4.

The best Danish rank is held by Jørgen Svendsen / Jens Christian Jurlander as no. 12.

Today's prize ceremony was a bit of a logistic exercise for the Chairman of Troense Baadelaug Lars Hansen.

- There were prizes for the three best in race 3 and the same for race 4.
- There were trophies for the ones with the best total rank after race no. 3 and race no. 4.
- Finally, there was a prize of honour for one of the veterans within the Star Class, Sune       Carlsson.

Ashore, more personalities within the sail sport show up here in Troense, which is a big gesture for the event.

The latest visitor is Poul Mik-Meyer, who will spend some time in Race Village. Mik-Meyer became world champion exactly 50 years ago, together with Paul Elvstrøm.

It’s obvious that the Star Class includes many traditions and a lot of veneration for the class and for its history.

Tonight there is midway party with open grill and live jazz music for the sailors and the volunteers and fortunately the wind has dropped and the temperature increased.

Star World Championship DK 2017
Dates:     29 June - 9 July 2017
Venue:    Troense, Denmark 




Tuesday, 4 July 2017

VNR Alert: Star World Championship - Back on the water again
Star World Championship 2017 - Day 3
Star World Championship - Day 3

After yesterday’s cancellation of the sailing, due to strong winds, the majority of sailors were eager to race again.

In consideration of today’s weather forecast, with risk of winds like on the first race day, five crews decided to postpone their competing until the next race to protect their rigging and sails and did not start.

Today’s race was postponed for 2 hours, due to strong winds, but at 13.30 o’clock and after a restart, the race was on with 59 boats on the start line.

Despite wind conditions like in the previous race, there were no broken masts today.

Nine boats did not finish the race due to damages on sails or rigging and after a very challenging competition the final battle for stepping on the podium was between boats from Argentina, Germany and Norway.

The winners of race no. 2 are:

 Crew  Sail no.  Nationality
 1  Facundo Olezza Baza / Juan Pablo  Engelhard 8502 Argentina
 2  Reinhard Schmidt / Paul Sradnick 8427 Germany
 3  Eivind Melleby / Joshua Revkin 8317 Norway

Aged 23 years old, today’s no. one winner Facundo Olezza Baza is the youngest helmsman of all in this World Championship, a very optimistic sign for the Star Class!!

Star World Championship DK 2017
Dates:     29 June - 9 July 2017
Venue:    Troense, Denmark 






Monday, 3 July 2017

Star World Championship - A sailing day ashore
Star World Championship 2017 - Day 2
Star World Championship - Day 2

Because of the weather situation with heavy winds, the Race management decided to cancel all racing for today.

Heavy winds and rain, gave the sailors a well deserved break after yesterday’s tough sailing conditions with broken masts and spoiled sails ad libitum.

For many sailors, this unexpected break was a good opportunity “to heal the injured boats”.

The Event Manager Torsten Jacobsen took the opportunity to “break the bank” and pick up the VM Trophy for a photo session.

Meanwhile the sailors enjoyed themselves in the after sail party of the day in Race Village.

Star World Championship DK 2017
Dates:     29 June - 9 July 2017
Venue:    Troense, Denmark 

The Event is supported by Sport Event Denmark and Sport Event Fyn.




Monday, 3 July 2017

Star World Championship 2017 First Racing Day One
Star World Championship - Day 1
Star World Championship - Day 1

The sailing conditions for the start of the first race day were excellent, with light clouds and winds between 12 to 16 knots, which according to the Principal Race Officer, Thomas Jørgensen is perfect Star boat conditions.

After a general recall of all boats, the black flag was raised to mark a new start, and all boats were heading upwind toward the top mark.

Lars Grael was leading the fleet rounding the top mark.

During the second upwind race, the wind raised to 16 to 20 knots average wind speed with boosts up to 24 knots and after three upwinds on the 2 sm. long race track, the load on the equipment was obvious, resulting in a number of broken masts etc.

One boat were losing its steering capability due to a rigging failure and the boat drifted to Langeland, from where it later were escorted back to Troense.

In total 18 boats did not finish the race due to rigging and sails damages, and the winners of day one race were:

1.    Lars Grael, Brazil
2.    Hubert Merkelbach, Germany
3.    Reinhard Schmidt, Germany

While most of the sailors were joining the Aftersail Party, sponsored by Skechers and Tops, some sailors were busy repairing their boats to be ready for today's sailing.

Star World Championship DK 2017
Dates:     29 June - 9 July 2017
Venue:    Troense, Denmark 

The Event is supported by Sport Event Denmark and Sport Event Fyn.







Sunday, 2 July 2017

VNR Alert: Opening ceremony - Star World Championship 2017


Yesterday the opening ceremony of the Star World Championship 2017 was launched in the harbor of Troense, a suburb of Svendborg at the beautiful Svendborg Sound.

The opening speech was performed by the President of “The International Star Class Yacht Association", Lars Grael, from Brazil.

In his speech, Lars referred to his former seven World Champions and to more Olympic Winners amongst some of the best sailors of the World today. 

The Past President of the Star Class Association, Dirk Thorsen, from Germany was the next speaker. Dich referred to the Danish sailing icon, Paul Elvstrøm, who won the silver trophy in Havana in the Star Class in 1955.

Before his death Paul Elvstrøm gave the trophy to the Star Class for the most perfect sailing. His daughter, Trine, handed over the trophy to the President, Lars Grael, under a huge applause.

In future, the trophy will be awarded to the sailor with the best total result, means his total points without deduction of its worst race score.

Star World Championship DK 2017
Dates:     29 June - 9 July 2017
Venue:    Troense, Denmark 

The Event is supported by Sport Event Denmark and Sport Event Fyn.

Photo Credit:


Volunteers lifts the World Championship in the Starboat



Event Manager Torsten Jacobsen rings the bell. The participants are waving and smiling to each other, chattering the speaker.


"Now it's closing time for new ideas, thank you so much. " We are now following the plan we have laid down, "Torsten Jacobsen said, with a big smile. He is responsibility for the overall coordination of the practical part of the World Championship.


Now the individual groups present their different areas of responsibility. This includes the registration and survey of the 82 participating boats, disposal of cars and trailers, welcome to the race village at the harbour, catering to the many guests and volunteers, the control of the race at the sea at Lunke Bay, the relationship with the press, etc. . Everybody seems to be in control of their area. After a few hours, everything has been reviewed and the volunteers split again after handshake and hugs.


"It is surprising that there are so many details in such a project," admits Torsten Jacobsen.


It is clear that a small town like Troense with only 1,100 inhabitants is affected by such a big event. The centre of the city has been traffic subdued and the many boat trailers have found space on the former shipyard site Jacobsens Plads in the direction of Svendborg Sund.


Troense was previously characterized by many small shipyards along the shore. They provided ships for sailing the apple harvest from the island's plantations to many Danish provincial cities. A tradition held to be honoured each autumn, when apples from the private gardens are sailed to nearby Svendborg. Today the fruits are grown along Denmark's most beautiful countryside, Grønnegade in which many of gardens behind the old houses with thatched roofs, are up to 200 meters long.


Torsten Jacobsens wife Stella is active in the Service Group who takes care of the participants when they all gather in Race Village after the daily sailing in Lunke Bay. 



Stella is part of a group of 22 women led by the smile of Grete Sommer.



Stalla Jacobsen

"I will take care of sailors and guests in our Race Village," Stella Jacobsen says. We have established a 300m2 Star Village directly on the harbour. Everyone is welcome. But we are here primarily to service the many sailors. We are three at work in the morning and five in the afternoon when the sailors comes ashore.


Else Andersen sits next to Stella Jacobsen. She has lived all her life in Troense, while Stella moved here three years ago.



Else Andersen


Else provide food for the many volunteers.


"It's breakfast, lunch, sandwiches and packed lunches for those who go to the water, Else smiles. It's 50 times breakfast, 30 lunches and 20 for lunch. We make sure they do not get the same everyday.


They both agree that it is a pleasure to live in the small idyllic Troense at Svendborg Sund. They are delighted with it every day. The World Championships strengthens the unity of the community in the small town next to Svendborg.


"The great support clearly confirms the unity of Troense," Stella and Else concur with a big smile.


The holding of the World Championships in Starboat illustrates how much can be done if you have local support. And it is in Troense Boat Club.




By Johnni Balslev, June 30, 2017, 20403669

World Championship official website with facts:

(The article is translated into English by keno 01.07.2017)


See you in Troense

1 b1020

It is with great pleasure and pride that we arrange the Star World Campionship in Troense from the 29'th of June till the 9'th of July 2017.


As you probably already know it is not a big city that host the championship this time. It is just the opposite. We invite you to a small intimate invironment that is totally unique in Denmark. Our small village consisting of 1.100 inhabitants is surrounded by towering woods and lush cornfields descending towards the South Fyn Archipelago.


Troense is a village characterized by many well cared for traditionel half-timbered houses with thatched roofs. Our village might be one of the most beautiful villages in the Kingdom of Denmark. It is a village where the grocery store "Storms Hjørne" (Storm's Corner) is run solely by volunteers.

2 h700

Troense has a long history connected to the sea. Along Svendborgsund you found many small shipbuilders. And in the very big back yards of the houses in Grønnegade (Green Street) were plantations with blooming apple trees. The harvest of apples was distributed by boats to harbours all over Denmark. Part of that tradition is still kept as a flotilla of wooden ships deliver the harvest in neighboring Svendborg every autumn. The ships are received with great festivity. Grønnegade is considered the longest and most well preserved street in any village in the country.

3 h700

Up to 80 volunteers are ready to help you to solve any practical problems. We will establish a racecamp directly in Troense harbour. The racecamp will be our meetingpoint during the races.


From Troense harbour on the island of Taasinge there is only a short boat trip to the charming maritime city of Svendborg only five kilometers away. Svendborg is the main town of the area.


Svendborg was the center of great fleets of  schooners that crossed the seven oceans in the late 19'th and the beginning of the 20'th century. It was also here the foundation of the world famous A.P. Møller Maersk shipping company was laid out.

4 700

 5 h700

The mayor of Svendborg Lars Erik Hornemann is looking forward to see the many foreign and Danish competitors.


"Having such old maritime traditions in the South Fyn Archipelago, we feel sure that you'll return home with a lot of positive experiences in the bag. We are really looking forward to receiving you and your companions".


During the races the old ferryboat Helge, built in 1924, will serve a shuttle service in the morning and again in the afternoon between Troense and Svendborg.

6h1 h450 7h2 h450

The remaining of the day Helge is serving mainly tourists sailing a trip between the islands in Svendborgsund. Helge put in at Troense, and you and your companions have the oppertunity to go directly to some nice and lively sandy beaches and visit Valdemar Castle. A castle connected to Danish kings, a navel hero and James Bond author Ian Fleming's family.  But that is another story.

8 h700

We'll try to inform you a little more about the area and the more pratical stuff  concerning our racecamp in the upcomming newsletters.


We hope to see you in Troense!

Text: Johnni Balslev

Photo: Knud Morten.



Take a flight over Troense harbor.


Video: Poul B. Rasmussen


overskriftlogoICARUS 1024

Wednesday, 3 May 2017





ICARUS Sports has been appointed as the official production and distribution partner for the 2017 Star Class World Championships, being held at Troense, Denmark from 29 June to 9 July.

“The Star Class is quite simply one of the sport’s iconic classes,” commented Jason Georgaris, ICARUS Sports' Chief Executive Officer, “and the fleet is laden with talent. It is a real privilege for us to partner with the Star Class and our production themes will illustrate the intricacies of sailing the boat and personalities that are so attracted and loyal to the class.”

The Star Class represents over 100 years of racing history and attracts many of the legends in the sport to its challenges. Racing is a battle of wills of the world’s best and success on the race course does not come easy.

Amongst the many teams with their eyes on the title prize will be the USA’s Augie Diaz and Bruno Prada, who hold World and Olympic gold between them, including the 2016 Star World Championship title. Vastly experienced, Prada also collected gold at the 2007, 2011 and 2012 Star Class Worlds with his former helm.

Joining them in the mix of legends is Brazil’s renowned Grael sailing dynasty, featuring Lars Grael racing with Samuel Gonclaves. Grael holds multiple Olympic and World Championship medals, and won the 2015 Star Class Worlds. Fellow Brazilian, Alan Adler racing with Arthur Lopes, will also be hungry for victory, having last won the Star Worlds back in 1989. 

"With still 4 more weeks to go until the entry deadline, 50 crews are already confirmed, including numerous sailing legends. We are expecting more than 80 teams on the start line when the warning signal is given on July 2nd for the opening race. My team of more than 70 volunteers are all giving their best not just to arrange the Star Worlds Championship, but to make it the world’s best Championship. We are extremely proud to be able to announce or partnership with ICARUS Sports. We believe that this partnership will make it possible for all the sailors around the globe, that through the years have followed our Class to get in touch with the glory we are going to experience over the week of the races exactly 50 years after Paul Elvstrøm won the Championship here in Denmark" said Flemming Sørensen, Race Director and Star sailor for the last 10 years.

ICARUS Sports will provide daily video highlights for broadcast TV and social media, backed up by a global distribution network.

Star Class World Championship
Dates:     29 June - 9 July 2017
Venue:    Troense, Denmark 

Like us on Facebook: Star World Championship 2017

The Event is supported by Sport Event Denmark and Sport Event Fyn.


About ICARUS Sports
ICARUS Sports is one of the world’s leading sports management, marketing and media companies. The extensive events portfolio includes covering action footage from more than fifty events all over the world per year and distributing to a network which extends to more than 160 countries, as well as producing its own documentary series of programmes, Inside Sailing, Sailing to Tokyo, Kite Masters, The Outdoor Sports Show and Speed Catamarans GC32 Racing Tour.

ICARUS Sports’ comprehensive media services include video &  photo shooting, live-streaming, documentaries, daily TV news, media distribution and media reporting. Our innovative approach to technology ensures we capture the action whatever the angle, using balloons, on-board cameras, remote controlled helicopters and super-stabilizing technology. ICARUS Sports is the world’s leading sailing and extreme sports content provider with a total cumulative annual TV broadcast of more than 26,500 hours worldwide!

ICARUS Sports has developed its own specialized technology and manages the media production, post-production and distribution in-house. In this way, the company can satisfy fans, the general audience, the media and sponsors by tailoring its products and services.

Web: / Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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An old Star is being reborn

Please go to the complete newsletter: 'An old Star is being reborn'

In the heading 'An old Star is being reborn' numerous of great stories are hidden:

First of all, a Star Boat 'Leise' from the year of 1952, no. 3261, is at the moment beeing repaired and getting ready for show of in Troense Marina when the Star World Championships 2017 takes place.

Leise 1
Photo: Armed with a heat gun, volunteer Klaus ‘Baba’ Jensen is removing the paint off the star boat inch by inch at The Danish Yachting Museum in Svendborg.

But 'Leise' is more than just and "old Star" getting a serious facelift. It has a very special history of its own - as well as previously owner, yachtsman Ejnar Christensen!

'Leise' has, at a very young age, on the 29th of June 1952 transported the Olympic flame across Lillebælt (the small strait between Jutland and Funen)!

The torch had been flown from Athens to Aalborg in the north of Jutland, before being carried southwards by several athletes.
Ejnar Christensen took over the torch at the old ferry pier at Snoghøj, and then proceeded to cross Lillebælt.
There was a strong wind that day, and when he approached Funen, the magical flame was blown out!
Luckily, Ejnar Christensen never went anywhere without a glowing cigar, and he quickly lit the Olympic flame again. After spending the night in Odense on Funen, the torch then continued on its way towards the Olympic host city of Helsinki!

Read many more details about 'Leises' condition at the moment, and the efforts beeing made to repaire this particular Star Boat at The Danish Yachting Museum in Svendborg.
The Danish Sailing Association has also set up a crowdfunding plan, allowing Star sailors from across the world to chip in to help save the historical boat.


Fynske Bank Sport Saturday 2017

Fynske Bank Sport Saturday 2017 - Prices announced and given for 2016.

Looking forward to sports activities 2017 on FYN and connected islands. 


STAR Worlds 2017 Troense Baadelaug/ Danish Star Fleet are participating and presenting the top sailing Event for 2017. The STAR boat world championship 2017. 

We placed Jan´s Folli DEN 8066 at the entrance. All guests saw the boat and got the message. Our intention with this is to commerce? Worlds 2017 and give our local clubs an idea about which event we have in the waters of Troense and Svendborg in June and July - great sailing in a great boat on a high competitive level. Some of the world’s best sailors will be present. 

It was a pleasure for us to explain about the Starclass, the boat itself and what it means for TBL to arrange the Worlds. Many volunteers are already allocated and committed for now. We have planned meetings in process for issues like, Logistic`s, Press and Media, Sailing area team etc. A lot of activities have to be evaluated and handled before end of June where about 80 boats are approaching Svendborg. In the steering committee we expect many crews to bring their families to Svendborg for vacation while daddy is sailing. 

Saturday we met various VIPs in order to present Worlds 2017. Among them were mayors from other communities on Fyn and of course our Mayor of Svendborg. 


Chairman of Sport Activities Fyn. John Christensen. As “old” experienced sailor a bright support for TBL. Mr. John Christensen is former Chef de Mission for the Danish sailing Olympic team. 


First Gold Star at the Worlds 2017

The Brazilian team Lars Schmidt Grael and Samuel Goncalves from Brazil will be fighting to repeat their victory from 2015, which they won in front of Marcelo Fuchs and Ronald Seifert BRA with Diego Negri and Sergio Lambertenghi ITA in third.

“We are honored and proud to welcome Lars and Samuel to our Club here in Troense”, says Flemming Sørensen, Danish Fleet Captain and Race Manager.

Lars Schmidt Grael won his first World Championship together with his brother Torben in the Snipe in 1983. Lars is also ten time Brazilian and five time South American champion for the Tornado class. Lars has competed at four Olympic Games in the Tornado, winning two Bronze Medals. In 2005 Lars became South American Champion and went on to win three more Silver Stars. 2013, Lars Schmidt Grael was elected President of the International Star Class Yacht Racing Association.

brazil team

The Brazilian team Lars Schmidt Grael and Samuel Goncalves, at the Star World Championship 2015.

Photo, Mathias Capizzano


Paul Elvstrøm


When the Star World Championchip 2017 takes place in Troense, Denmark, it is exactly 50 years ago that Paul Elvstrøm won the Star World championship - also here in Denmark.

At the age of 88 years the legendary sportsman slept in Wednesday morning 7th December.

He managed to win 4 Olympic gold medals and 13 world championships in 8 different classes - here of 2 in the Star. Paul Elvstrøm was a glitterati and a role model for many. An excellent athlete who will never be forgotten and always missed.

paul-elvstroem1 h307  paul-elvstroem2 h307

Photo from 1966. Paul Elvstrøm and his crew John Albrechtsen together with all the trophies they had won, the sweaters were swept over them after the last race at the World Championship in Kiel.The following year Paul again won the World Championship in his home waters outside Skovshoved in Denmark.


Star World Championship 2017 goes to Troense, Svendborg

VM for star til svendborg

Another World Championship lands on Funen (middle Island of Denmark)

The Star World Championship crews will invade Svendborg in July 2017 with no less than 70-100 boats crews and their families. The international Star Class Yacht Racing Association (ISCYRA) has identified Troense, Svendborg as host for the World Championship 2017. Experience from previous events and strong cooperation with Sport Event Fyn, Sport Event Denmark and Svendborg Event, brought Troense Bådelaug one boat length ahead of the competition from, among others Monaco, St. Tropez and Naples.
"It is simply a dream that is coming true, and we had to pinch ourselves in the arm when we received the message from ISCYRA headquarter in San Diego. We entered in to the Star Class 10 years ago and talked for fun about that it could be interesting to arrange one of the major events for the class here in Svendborg. Now it's a reality, "says Flemming Sørensen and Rune Schytt-Nielsen from Troense Bådelaug who have been the driving forces behind the World Championship application.
Approximately 70 to 100 boats are expected to participate when starting signal sounds Lunkebugten (Lunke Bay) in 2017, and since many of the sailors bring their families along, approximately 500 guests are expected to Svendborg area the first week of July."It's amazing that the Star Worlds now lands on Funen. The maritime environment is clearly one of our strongholds on the island, and I look forward to the Worlds now will be settled in the beautiful Svendborgsund. Here we formidable condition, the best for yacht racing and through a strong collaboration between Troense Bådelaug, Sport Event Fyn Svendborg Event and Sport Event Denmark, we have all the right people at the helm for this event", says Lars Erik Hornemann, Mayor of Svendborg and Member of the steering committee of the Sport Event Fyn.
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